Sunday, October 25, 2009

fashion week

this is my first fashion week styling project
with my partner in crime foxe
in collaboration with matt gozun for the freego show in SMX.

(photos by alex germino)

futuristic helmets by mono

the studded gloves by mono

(short story bout this model on the right)

tita nix: chi, pakisabi sa model wag tanggalin yung helmet baka makalas yung mga pako..

chi: ok...

( as i walk towards the model i noticed that shes not a pinay. so i went back to tita nix..)

josh: oh ano yun bkit? ako na nga magsasabi...(thinkin that i was just shy to tell the girl)

(halfway through josh hurriedly came back to me)

josh: ano kaba bakit di kaw ang magsabi call center ka kaya!

josh and i were just right behind her for like 10 mins. pushing each other.

preparing for the show

the finale: headpiece by geof gonzales and mono

and our front row for the show...

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